Meal of Meat - Planet Smashers

Meal of meat I want it now
Curse the gopi and their sacred cow
Give me a Mac primed with beef
Or a husky flank keep your leaves
Meal of meat it's what I need
Hold the alfalfa and the poppy seed
Lay my molars into a juicy red hide
I'm going to pickle some wieners in formaldehyde
It'll make you ponder, wonder
About that nice cow over yonder
Meal of meat, thats what I want to eat
I'm going to lay my molars into a juicy red hide
I don't understand what you're telling me
About the mass destruction of some holy trees
Rain forest I'll be damned
Just gimme some more of that char-broiled ham
So it costs more for cattle feed
Methane farts blowing in the breeze
I don't care not right now
Dining on a sturdy cow
It'll make you think about that steak by the kitchen sink
About that steak and it's starting to stink.

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