Pee in The Elevator - Planet Smashers

The doors is busted down
There are bugs crawling around
This is a place to live
That should be burned to the ground In the pools a gator
My neighbor I hate her
You think that's bad you'd better watch what's in the elevator
There are holes in my walls
Smoke in the halls
Some kind of fungus is itching
My balls
They just raised the rent
All my money is spent
How will I pay it
I've got to live in a f_cking tent
There's pee in the elevator
Don't smell to good
There's pee in the elevator
It don't smell like it should
Been drinking all night ounding them back
I go stumbling home
There's no turning back I got to pee bad
Can't take it anymore
It's impossible to wait 'til the 19th floor
I had a little hamster
A little fluffy guy
I lost him in the elevator
I just left him there to die!

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