My Decision - Planet Smashers

Accusations fly with elements of violence
You're wondering whom to blame for your digraced name
You got no reason except for one, just look at what you've done
Don't believe what they say
Deny all criticism, call it radical activism
Suggestions to trivial, solutions to simple
Relate to reality, I claim that we're all free
Don't listen to what they say It's my decision,
Not based on any one point of view
I decline suggestions and the rumors It's my decision,
I'm not worried about which side will lose,
Based on odds and all confused
Dispel the llegations without any explanation
Truth is left unspoken, belief is but a token
Understand the issues, don't concede the right to choose
Don't follow what they say It's my decision to refuse the opinions
Won't accept the standard s, or the regulations
All the rules that confine won't keep me in line
Don't do what they say

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