You - Point Break

You said, I don't know who you are
Trying to reach you, so near yet so far
You said, I was falling apart
How did you notice from this hole in your heart

* I dreamed every second through with every passing day
These dreams were reality, how was I to know that they'd fly away

** You, you stole the sun from my day
You always had your own say, you're drifting away

Waiting, for the moment to come
I'm lost in this maze that I've stumbled upon
Dreaming, of a beautiful land
These wounds don't heal easy, but I'm trying to mend

Won't walk any futher baby gonna watch me run
Been living in this fairy tale, for far too long look what we've become

[Repeat **]

[Repeat * , **]

You stole the moon from my night
I always though I was right, you're stoling my night

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