Showin off, Pt. 1 - Pop Smoke feat Fivio Foreign

Traphouse Mob
This is a Melo beat

[Pop Smoke {Fivio Foreign}:]
It's big 092MLBOA
GQ (GQ) huh?
You got a gun, n_gga, gun n_gga? (Gun, n_gga, yeah)
Play disrespect, never (Never)
K with it (K with it), yeah
N_ggas know that we don't play with it (Nah, yeah)
Big .38 gon' hawk 'em (Hawk 'em)
Two stripes, saucin' (Saucin')
I keep a tech when I'm walkin' (Walkin')
Pick him up, toss him (Toss him)
Big drip, flossin' (Flossin')
Get straight, cashin' (Cashin')
Don't f_ck around, yeah, I'm packin' (Packin')
Have it (Have it), Havoc (Havoc)
Me and Fivi' causin' havoc {Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy}

[Fivio Foreign:]
Action (Action), see an opp and it was action (Action)
All these questions that you're askin' (Bow)
She like "Why your face tatted?" (Wow)
I take a perc, 'cause it's relaxing (I do)
I see an opp and I'm attackin' (I am)
Hold on, saggin'
Blue flag when I'm flaggin' (Ayy, ayy) (Traphouse Mob)
I'm prepared for their reaction (I am)
They say Robert was a classic (It was)
Voodoo (Voodoo), magic (Magic), Fivi', savage (Ayy, ayy)
Hol' on (Hol' on), hol' on (Hol' on)
I go on drills with a passion (Ayy)
Hol' on (Hol' on), hol' on (Hol' on)
I ask him where the track is

[Pop Smoke:]
If I see an opp, there's no account (No account)
Step on the court, ball out (Ball out)
Walk in the spot, walk out (Walk out)
What the f_ck is all the talk about? (Huh?)
Up out the chop, aimin' (Aimin')
Put that p_ssy on the pavement (Pavement)
Huh? Stainless (Stainless)
Amiri jeans, stainless (Stainless)
Pop Smoke, yeah, I'm in all the stores
What's on your feet? I'm like "Christian Dior"
Double G, yeah, that's all on my T
Big Benz, peanut b_tter seats
Big body, mixy
S-class, six-three
I'm all in your b_tch, d_ck deep
Slide through your block with the rippys

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