Go Flex - Post Malone

[Verse 1:]
Lighting stog after stog, choke on the smoke
They tell me to quit, don't listen to what I'm told
Help me forget that this world is so cold
I don't even know what I'm chasing no more
Tell me what I want, just keep searching on
It's never enough, cup after cup, blunt after blunt
I wouldn't give one if I could find a f_ck, ha, ha
In the cut and I put that on my momma
And my b_tch called talking bout some drama
I swear there ain't no time for women on the come up
It's either the p_ssy or the commas

[Chorus x2:]
Man I just wanna go flex
Gold on my teeth and on my neck
And I'm stone cold with the flex
With my squad and I'm smoking up a check

[Verse 2:]
Push the gas, get a motherf_cking nose bleed
She ain't never met a younging do it like me
She got a man but says she really like me
She doing things to excite me
She sending all her friends snaps of my new tracks
Cause all these hoes know what's about to come next
I hit my plug up, got the paper connect
I drop a couple bands I just wanna go


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