Duplicate Keys Icaro (an Interim Report) - Propagandhi

A primordial flood across the blood-brain barrier.
Cryptic ring structures bind to receptors.
These duplicate keys throw the floodgates open
on a raw datasphere of pure information.

An inner path to outer space
or a facile article of faith?
Falsifiable fantasies
or freestanding parallel realities?

We're so frequently seduced
by such novel, exotic views.
Our confirmation biases
leverage everything we perceive.

Visions so astonishing, preposterous, impossible.
A cosmic lattice of calligraphies, geometries unthinkable.
Infinite Jaali screens, alive, florescent
as I shatter, melt. Annihilation.

The rolling hills. The water flows. The flowers bloom.
There is no me. There is no you. There is all.
There is no you. There is no me. And that is all.

Profound acceptance of
Enormous pageantry
The haunting certainty
A poetic principle of
This universe is love

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