Nailing Descartes to The Wall/(Liquid) Meat is Still Murder - Propagandhi

I speak outside what is recognized as the border between "reason" and "insanity".
But I consider it a measure of my humanity to be written off
by the living graves of a billion murdered lives.
And I'm not ashamed of my recurring dreams about me and a gun and a different species
(hint: starts with "h" and rhymes with "Neuman's")
of carnage strewn about the stockyards, the factories and farms.
Still I know as well as anyone that it does less good
than harm to be this honest with a conscience eased by lies.
But you cannot deny that meat is still murder.
Dairy is still rape.
And I'm still as stupid as anyone, but I know my mistakes.
I have recognized one form of oppression, now I recognize the rest.
And life's too short to make another's shorter- (animal liberation now!).

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