Fuck The Border - Propagandhi

A friend of mine dropped me a line, it said, "man, I gotta run to the USA. I got no money, got no job." She skipped out of Mexico to stay alive. You've got a problem with her living here, but what did you do to help her before she f_cking came? What did the country do? What did the people do? I stand not by my country, but by people of the whole f_cking world. No fences, no borders. Free movement for all. F_ck the border. It's about f_cking time to treat people with respect. It's our culture and consumption that makes her life unbearable. F_ck this country; its angry eyes, its knee-jerk hordes. Legal or illegal, watch her f_cking go. She'll take what's hers. Watch her f_cking go. F_ck the border.

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