Government Cartoons - Propagandhi

when fred and barney rubble (please kill me) indocrinate me in my own home and ?. try to tell me that mr. slate's got it rough on his corporate throne, "yeah, mr. slate, boys, has bigger problems than we've ever known, and j ' a man like deserves respect and your respect alone" indocrination to keep you in your place, brainwashing to enslave the human race. they'll j i get you when you're young and forever they embrace (were you dropped as a baby? cuz brains you lack-anthrax) a gov't self-portrait, an evil we must face (and replace), you've convinced me' that a working class stiff (but a proud one!) is what i am and that for minimum wage in this state-run cage that should always do the best that i can. just do what i'm told till i'm to old to move my broken, twisted carcass out of bed. don't take a stand, just take commands until i'm dead.

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