Human(E) Meat - Propagandhi

I swear I did my best to ensure that
His final moments were swift and free from fear.

But consideration should be made for the fact
That Sandor Katz was my first kill,
So I trust the reader will...

Understand that while his screams may well have seemed
Like conscious objections, they were in reality
Simply a request to honour his strength and speed.

With gratitude and tenderness, I seared
Every single hair from his body,
Gently placed his decapitated head in a stockpot,
Boiled off his flesh and made a spreadable headcheese.

'Cause I believe that one can only relate with
Another living creature by completely destroying it.
I'm sure Sandor's friends and family will appreciate this.


A rationale so moronic it defies belief.
Post-vegetarian, I must submit to you respectfully,
Be careful what kind of world you wish for.
Someday, it may come knocking on your door.

Lemme in! LEMME THE F_CK IN!

I just wanna fully relate.
I swear I'll do my best to ensure that
Your final moments are swift and free from fear.

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