God You Never Cried - Reba McEntire

In a humble shack many years ago
Before our Savior was born
A little old lady was prayin' to
God She cried "My son is gone"
He's lost, he's lost, he's lost

And suddenly she stopped praying
And the tears dried from her eyes
She said "But God, how would you know
Your heart has never been broken
And God, You never cried"

God turned His face towards the earth
And covered it with His hands
He said "I must go and redeem my people
And go in the form of a man"

So He came to Earth a stranger
Among His own people
Came to live with man, came to understand
The way of life
Tears of strife were meant, for He was a man

He grew to love His own creation
And when His dearest friend died
He knew the empty feeling of lonliness
And at Lazurus' tomb, God cried

And then came the day in the garden
And pilots called Judgement Hall
And there in the dark hills of Calvery
Hanging between Earth and Heaven
God wept and cried for them all
For them all - for them all

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