Falling Out - Relient K

I'm falling out of grace with the world.
They say I've lost my midas touch,
What turned to gold now turns to rust.
I'm falling out of line with all the stars
That flood my dreams with their guitars and magazines.

Face down,
This carpet tastes like coffee grounds ground into my face now,
And every angle's covered with just another band-aid.

I'm falling out of style with the current way things are,
The things that make conforming hard.
I'm falling out of control and you just can't stop me now,
I'll fight as long as time allows.


{chorus 2}
I'm out here way beyond
A shadow of a doubt,
And I know I'm never falling out
Of favor with you.

I won't think twice or even three times,
About taking a gamble with you,
Cause with my life you have been so kind.
I take all my comfort from you.

{chorus 2}

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