All Around The World - Rittz

All around the world
All around the world

[Verse 1:]
I'm just a kid from the GC
Who would've thought you would see me
On MTV one day and I came along
Wait from Britain on CD
Up in the bass mic on cruise roll
Used to do shows with no cameras there
Now I'm doing sh_t in the house of blues in LA
And they'll lay on stage a whole crowd be cheering me on
Disappear when we on
Up in the tour bus on to the next state
The last one was eleven weeks long
Friends saying you done made it Rittz
You don't play the sh_t
Eating dry egg stakes on a Vegas trip
Die hard fans would be showing up
Like "hey would you please sign my ladies tits?"
I'm like, fine
You can touch Rittz I don't mind
I say congratulations on your latest hit
You got pics don't put em online
Cause my girl might trip out
Me and her we done had a hard time
7 years we ain't never had a dime
Even though it ain't much it feel like getting rich now
I just signed a deal so I'm a get it now
I told Tech and Trav I won't let them down
It's an honor to be a part of strange music
A label that's down to go to the extra mile
And I could crack a smile without faking it
Cause a few people knew me in the A
Now I got dudes over in the UK
Getting tattoos of my face they know me

[Pre Hook]
Sh_t man I'm so lucky man, to be in a position I'm in
You know how many musicians that never get discovered
That got talent and sh_t, I'm getting to live my dream
I just bought a new car and sh_t, I ain't never had a
New car, Ye-uuhh

All around the world
All around the world
They know me all around the world
All around the world

[Verse 2]
One time for the homies in Toronto
Fans say that they feel me in Montreal
2 years ago if it wasn't for no bad luck
I'd probably wouldn't have no luck at all
Had to drive my car to do spot days
My piece of junk would stall, not knowing who to call
Sh_t overheatted in Tennessee
Hundred degree weather stranded by Ruby Falls
I'm like no...
Danny Boone, Dean Jones
Help me expand my fan base
When I was dead broke they would throw me some cheese for shows
That's real
We done stayed in some sh_tty hotels
Sleeping on top of the covers, wearing socks in the showers
And not knowing if the sh_t would go well
On stage on the country hall but nobody knew me
Opening for rehab again
5 months later I was on headline
Cheap Jynx Burn One come at me went
Across country fans buyin' tickets just to come see
Me, on my own I ain't had nobody fund me
3 star hotels used to be a luxury
Now we're getting kicked outta' of this for disrupting
Smoking weed, drinking crown
Celebrating Lincoln town
Cars would take us to the after party
Weird I was begging for my pick and out
And I'm blessed but now I gotta go and get more
I was just a kid in Gwinnett with a dream
Tryna' be like Dre and Big Boi
Now they know me all


[Verse 3]
Third verse I'm a dedicate to my homies
Slick boy, Chico, freaky freeze
What up Ralo, trans ain't held me down
But thank God they believed in me
My boys mandatory Irish nut
We hit a motherf_cker if we start the but
Shortcut name Rittz and kids named me white Jesus
Look what you started bro that's love
Dallas had finally came on
For the days and back in 9th grade for the football
Game trying to sound like Bone Thugs
And to the friends I miss
Growing up and we had to part ways
We was young and said it would all change
But its still clientele homie that is always
Pay homage to my rapping friends we're all vulnerable
Praying one day that we get to live our dreams
They told me the talent is valuable
But truthfully timing is everything
It's unfair
That's why I gotta thank my fans
I could be the best rapper alive but without them nobody really give a damn now they know me all


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