Switch Lanes - Rittz feat Mike Posner

[Verse 1: Rittz]
I pull that Crown up outta that purple bag
Polo boots with my shirt to match
Pimpin' I'm leanin' my seat further back
Hit the gas in my bird then smash up 85 North we turnin' heads
Star status
Arm tatted
Out the window dudes lookin' hard at us
Cause they girlfriend wanna jump in they don't wanna f_ck me man these hoes got a car fetish
But let's roll (roll roll roll)
Hit the pedal and let's ride
So much smoke pourin' out the window lookin' like the leather's on fire

[Hook: Mike Posner]
When I be drivin' in the car
Kicker in the back
Shotty in the front
Windows pitch black
Switch lanes (la la la) [x2]
When I be drivin' in the car
Session in the back
Hemi in the front so I ain't worried bout' that
Switch lanes (la la la) [x2]

[Verse 2: Rittz]
Spin through GA like I'm ridin' in a General Lee
I re-revvin' up the engine when I'm in the street
My kickers beat you thought that a parade was coming
You probably thought that someone threw a grenade or something
You trynna' say you wasn't impressed please save it woman
Got you all up in the seat getting naked wantin' to make out
But you better not get no make-up on em'
These car jackers wanna follow me then take it from me
I got some heat up under my seat waitin on us
So why your face still funny homie you jealous of me
Cause I pull up on the scene so elegantly
Me and Mike P. together and we killin' the beat
We might of seen a little fame but we still in the street
From the the A all the way to the D
Throw the peace to the haters a hey when I see all the ladies come wavin' at me


[Verse 3: Mike Posner]
I ain't goin' nowhere
I ain't goin' home
I just need that tick tick
Followed by that (boom)
And that could get me high
Can you feel me
See I been wonderin' why
The only time I'm still me is


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