Blowin My Mind - Rittz

I'm in my 87 cutlass supreme, looking clean
Smoking on that green while I lean
And the weed smoke is blowing my mind (my mind my mind)
And the swisher smoke is blowing my mind (my mind my mind)
You can find me riding 85 north for the A
Where the b_tches f_ck for riches and they see me getting paid
And the ladies they be blowing my mind (my mind my mind)
And these b_tches they be blowing my mind (my mind my mind)
So now I'm

[Verse 1]
Shining like the North Star, semi god, I'm blessing him
I may be out in North cross, maybe up in RS ville
Still [?] and I'll tell him what the f_ck he gon see, me
Maybe in Atlanta, see me partying on Beach Street
Looking Japanese cause I was smoking on that green green
Super clean clean, homie we be
Sniffing sh_t like porn stars, partying like animals
I drink then I pop more bars
And then I pop a couple Adderalls
Told a b_tch you want to get with this
I'm pimping and my day straight
Looking like she could have been a Playboy playmate
F_ck her to the rhythm of the 808 bass
See you take paste, up in my


[Verse 2]
Bumping DJ Burn One, looking like the white [?]
Got candy on the outside, but the leather in it's c_caine white
My 15's kicking down the street like it's a stampede
Waving at some b_tches that I seen up in the Grand Prix
Got to put some [?] on, I almost ran into a Camry
Goddamn she, looking fancy
Smelling like some pine trees, smoking with the windows up
The cops are right behind me, pull me over they gon' fine my buzz
So I hid it in my underwear, it's reeking so much, damn smell
Guess I'm paranoid cause I just seen em make a quick left
Accelerated on the pedal and I fishtailed
And I exhaled, up in my


[Verse 3]
Showing off, gold flakes in the paint job
I'm rolling like a bowling ball
Straight knock em down, when they see me cruising
All you hear is oozing, "aww"s and "wow"s
I mean motherf_ckers bite like crocodiles
Go ahead jack my style
It's all good, it's impossible to be me
Johnny Valiant, white b_tch with me got titties like Foxy Brown
So when they see me at the red light, you can see a head lights
I ain't talking bout the European front four
Bout to take it home and beat the p_ssy up
Imma hit it like a conga, conga, bongo
I done had my fun with you but now I got to run, ho
Back up in the cutlass, to roll it up
Smoke another like I love a load of dust
Putting up at the local pub


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