Die - Rittz

Ye-uh Yeah
Slum Sh_t

[Verse 1:]
What you mean you don't like my sh_t?
Well, it's obvious that you don't have no taste and your opinions s_ck
And I don't expect to be everybody cup of tea
But don't act like I ain't killing everything I touch
I crush every record I'm on
So holla if you wanna get a feature while the price is right
See I try to be friendly, the MC's offend me
And now it's time for yall to kiss the nice guy good bye
Besides, everyone hanging around me is a big shot
Well is it appropriate for me to act like one?
I try to be humble among you mother f_ckas
But some of you frontin' really act [?]
And done what I done already its barely begun
They say when I come wearing my hair like it's hilarious tell me what's funny
They running when they see me juggle my gun
Don't that they know they're gonna die?

Haters step beside, they wanna f_ck with me
I swear to God, I'll kill em till they show respect, or not
And everybody's gonna
Dead, shedding blood
I got the grave digger diggin ya plot
I got ya body rottin deep in the ground
Cause everybody gonna

[Verse 2:]
I'm not used to this music sh_t
I guess that I'm cut from a different cloth
Photographers, Bloggers, Producer pricks
And Musicians as a whole are starting to piss me off
Not all, just some of them rub me wrong
Is it possible that everyone's an entrepreneur?
Talking to you like they a Hollywood star
And you should be lucky that they even let you get your foot in the door
All I hear a ear full of manure
I don't know them much more
I can't ignore it, they just trying to hard
To be cool, to cut heads and wiggle they f_cking dreads
I feel like I'm surrounded by dorks and corn balls galore
Does anybody know I'm going up? I'm torn
I'm going off on 'em and I'm continuing the manure
Maybe I should have my boys tie 'em up with the phone cord
The gun point tell them get the f_ck
Cause everybody gone die


[Verse 3:]
Johnny Valian, the head turner
A 10 to 1 head hunter
I bet if I met one of your girls I got head from
And I came on the bed comforter, she didn't swallow it
Zip up my denims and then I gave her a fake number
And told her to "Hit me up, it's totally cool ho"
My homie Groes saw me sent to kill in the booth though
I wait in the industry, any rapper up in it wanna test me
let me know I'll get to cover your tombstone
I cock away all the way pull my weapon and draw
Homie by the way, I don't play, disrespect me I brawl
Take your life away by the way I'm as deadly as Saw
I'll prolly be a killer till I'm George Jefferson bald
Look at 'em all running for cover, they panicking
Frantically, they don't even stand a chance with me
My plans to be famous and get a bad b_tch
Maybe Casey Anthony'll marry me
Then everybody gone die

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