Explode - Rittz

[Verse 1:]
You've been sleeping on me, and it's your loss
The sh_t I hear you listen to the type of music that I'm bored of
Some of you dumber than a doorknob
'Blowjob Betty' I be in my super-sport bumping Short Dawg
Gold scum even if I could afford a sports car
Funny all a sudden it's popular to support us
Ridin' across the country in my tour bus
Throwing up the North still repping orange feeling Norcross
Still burn steel burn steal one a pure 'ts'all
Pop a pill when I feel like a war prod'uct
Cli-N-Tel we don't chill with these morons
Strapped but my steel it concealed from the warthogs
Been infatu' will got the skill of a war hog
Signed a record deal pop a cork off
Of some Champagne with my lady she was down when I was broke
So I would never go and leave her for a stripper or a pornstar
F_ck a judge an escort car
He magazine will cover me a company been doing a poor job
I been going hard in Atlanta since the nineties
Motherf_cker now you finally wanna try and win a war? Nah
I ain't got no friends only chicks to get
The say my crew riding for checks to bricks
To break you wris' the 'ffect of this
And they expected nothing less but decks of this
What you expected b_tch? Cause this

The spotlight is on me I'm ready to go for the gold
I waited my life for this moment I'm 'bout to explode
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh [x4]
I waited my life for this moment I'm 'bout to explode

[Verse 2:]
My goal is so close to focus this journey been like a roller coaster
Been broke and rose back when I was broke and hopeless
And hoes would look at me like I was gross repulsive
Now they showing up at shows with posters posing naked
And posting pictures that got me mixed with emotions
Right about to pass tryna live in the moment
Say ain't been passed with happiness what the missing component
(I'm) 'bout to murder competition opponent
The foes get exposed they talk sh_t--of disposed of 'em
Find the king in the thrown throwing stones at his army
A Holy Ghost is on me it's like I'm so explosive
Missile to my flow and undergo hypnosis
Snakes crawling all around me seeing boas cobra
People let 'em at the gangsters to Longe de Voce
Both impose a threat to me but I believe in destiny
And God has been the remedy the road is chosen with it
The word on my shoulder was scoliosis but (I'm)
Electrified I'm like a jolt of voltage
Diamonds on my necklace shinning like a bowl of goldfish
And I'm telling Rittz cause I know 'bout that dole of go-gets
Sick of penny-pinching like I'm tryna host some roasters
Busting through the wall I was broken holes in
And I was meant to be the centerpiece
I'm sick of playing second base to anyone today
Is kinda blow explode in this


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