Fuck Swag - Rittz

[Verse 1:]
15 and I back it hard
I'm in garage
And my homies riding with me and they better recharge
I talk about the car and tell 'em they won't be off
I'm off Atlanta representers and we're given the yonk
And be better this cars and the swap in the squad
Swag 'em with the lamers f_ck what they laughin in for
I'm controller b_tch we just hit the gravity volume
Half of these rappers to bad to be given rappin and all
Tryin to dress up like a widow when it's a mighty narrow soul
Make me wanna strike another mall I'm in the bowling pit
Maybe I'm just holding out the touch got the tutors for the kids
If you don't like me going 'em b_tch I'm a looney again you lil motherf_cker
I'm over and I stick 'em up they say they're yellow go and then provoking
And it's time for me to tell the difference between a rapper and a singer
Of a rock and roll band I don't think this sh_t is proper yet
Way too many rappers wanna look like Lenny Krevitz
Personally I think these pussies get too many passes
Thrift store shopping with the sh_t chore
Rockin lips lame and your music ain't with the sh_t as ever
And if that will make you matters even better
I don't swear and people talking sh_t about the way I look every day
Long hair don't care, red pair of air jordans
And I wear all black on, f_ck f_ck swag
You're a geek

F_ck swag [x8]
You're a geek
F_ck swag
You're a geek

[Verse 2:]
All these rappers wanna bite but they don't know how to write
They cause all they freeze diamond n_ggas tight
Every time I say go on with the metaphor
And if they wanna pause or laugh or ad live
They sway and just top off who they like
Tryin' to sound like Gucci or Future or Toochi
The dudes need a lesson before they get behind the mic
Ain't nobody buying your records in the hype
It was feeling me until they see 'em white
Now they like many raps too fast
What you slow homie, you handicapped?
What you need a walker, you hearin it, a fanny pad
What you unhappy the cheddar's back, the many pack
Or the back game, the cadillac's
I'm out to raise a barn to get adapt the cameras flash
'Cause they see a star when I walk in the room
No silent, let it rap I bet you when I walk in my shoes
It's funny that I'm hot
Last year popper's was cool when you
You was too official
Whether you a hit you tired n_ggas
You in skinny jeans, tekkie Louie belt whip you
The client try to strip you heavy jewerly would take a pic
Post the sh_t on instagram I s_ck a d_ck
You b_tch look real dumb
Still slum, I don't pleasant hear lump
Bumping Big Krit and Yelawolf I don't feel pun
Rappers with no skills come on with me I kill them
You f_ck with me I'm the real one

F_ck swag [x8]
You're a geek
F_ck swag
You're a geek

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