Gravy - Rittz

[Verse 1]
They said the best things in life are free
If that's true then my life would be
Great, but it ain't cause I'm broke as f_ck
And I can barely afford to get a bite to eat
[?] and I'm so tired of balling
Really I'm just getting sick and tired of calling
My girlfriend up, like I need some gas money
You got a 20 or something that I can borrow
Lying to her like I'm gonna pay her back tomorrow
Cause she broke [?] tryna break for tips
[?] with old men at a white trash bar
Saying let me get another drink sugar tits
But how can I provide sh_t, I'm a starving artist
Praying one day my big break will come
Sometime life'll have you so distraught that you forgot
Everything you should be grateful of
Like waking up inside a home when you could be homeless
Talking on the cell when you could be phoneless, sh_t
I got some weed, I got some drink
I got my family to love me and a couple homies
That'll hold me down, I woke up this morning with a different outlook
I hit the drink then ride down 85 south

Everything is G R A V Y
In the front seat of my cutlass sitting sideways
Everything is G R A V Y
So drunk that I'm glad I made it to my driveway
Everything is G R A V Y

[Verse 2]
Don't mind to buy weed and roll up in this
In a ditch piss, speaking broken Spanish
Getting off work late, everything closed
Whole tenant [?], eating frozen dinners
It's like the bad luck streak just won't diminish
Cause the rent is due, and the bills are late
You can feel the weight on your shoulder getting heavy
And you ready to say f_ck it, I can feel your pain
You pray to god please give me strength to overcome this
Feeling lost up in the way without a compass
You start regretting sh_t that you ain't get accomplished
Pompous, people want to judge you and it's constant
I hit the liquor store and get me some more Thompson
Might be cheap but it gets me drunk
And I start to feel the pressure feel like lifting up
It's like the alcohol buzz done just enough
To give me a reminder of the fact I'm blessed
You ain't lose a time to get up off your ass and win
Got homies in the pen doing life
They ain't never gonna get to see the grass again
I can't imagine them, they probably envy me
So with that in mind, I hit the drink and ride
And put some Outkast on


[Verse 3]
My famous team mentioned us on the monsters
Used to hear hate now it's just applauses
Making lump sum deposits, man the stars aligned for me
It's finally us that's flossing
As we dump the [?] guts, flying it's obvious
B_tches ain't nothing [?] they watching us
They lusting for me, now my pockets done got robust
We done had the fussiest b_tches on the bus
We drink a crown, royal smoking an ounce of kush
Kick em off and disappear in a cloud of dust
Put the lights down now I ride with just
My dad just hit me up and said I probably was
It feels good, done got me trust
Above my head, and pray so I don't ever try to take it for granted
I was just throwing up with Mike Knight
Hyped, screaming 77, know I'm making em chant it
I finally signed with a record label and damn it feels great
This is 15 years in the making
Burn one on the beat, put the pen to the sheet
Got to let the world hear what I'm thinking
It's some saken, in the city with an old school cutlass
I got to take another drink of the cup and ride
Strange Music on the chain


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