Pie - Rittz

Ooh, they been hating on me lately and I know why
Cause I'm so, I'm so fly
And they sold pie
These rappers say they hate me, then I know why
Cause I'm so, I'm so fire
And they sold pie
Homie, the only thing you're killing's my high

[Verse 1 - Rittz]
Anthrax sitting next to red bull, I'm fly I'm fresh from head to
Foot, looking like someone you want to be next to
People ear my music and they're singing it next due
Well excuse me, let me get through please
They don't want to see my next move
Turn [?] when I'm spitting like a [?] I take a jet fuel
Flow stupid like a student in a special ed group
Let's move, rittz to the rescue, fresh new
A cool shirt, let me get my cape on
Drinking on some may's rum with a blonde b_tch in my bed
And the rap game's James Bond
Everybody want to hate on me (why?)
I just want to drink and have fun, b_tch Wayne John
Maybe cause your girl been eying me since day one
Now she with the crew, but she bout to get her train run
On her, put the snake tongue on her, spin
I guess she want to see how good the lizard is
She lick my d_ck like it's a stick of licorice
And when I bust it she says it was delicious, Rittz
It's when I dismiss the b_tch
And man it's funny when I was young I predicted this
Everybody that was down would eventually switch, and start jumping sh_t
Now they see me with Slumerican, they want to get their membership
But dumb [?], I'm so high like I'm working on a scissor lift
And I don't want to give a sh_t, bout who my critics is
Ears burning every time they try to mention Rittz
I guess I b-b-been infamous, at killing rappers and you wishing you was sick as this
And it's senseless, hating is a sickness b_tch
This whole lane complaining cause I'm the sh_t, I guess


[Verse 2 - 8Ball]
What's up man, this big ball
Off the sticky, I'm on call
Left the club with my dogs, I keep the pistol in my drawers
Will I change, you never know
I say no, Imma be me
Imma be ball, Imma be G
Can't break me down to my knees
And I'm so pimping and I've been told
When I write it comes from my soul
When I rap it gets in your soul
It help me like I was some dro
Rapping loyalty lloyd, T percentages are low
These n_ggas touch a couple of dollars and start acting like some hoes
What I think, let them be
Who they want to be cause it don't hurt me
See this belly didn't get feed on what the next motherf_cker had to eat
See I'm hustling while you sleep
And I'm gon shine like my teeth
And I got 45 reasons why you b_tches don't want no beef
Let them hoes pump you up, reality is what I'm speaking
And I got purple in my cup, in the pulpit preaching
Heaven or hell, freedom or jail
Them n_ggas be hating and I know why
Cause big ball so fly, and you n_ggas cherry pie


[Verse 3 - Rittz]
You pie you man you tired as f_ck
I can spot a duck from a mile away
Homie you can't hide it bruh
You acting like you got a vagina tucked
Between your legs, Yela see a female traitor
You a guy or what?
If someone told me homie buy the four
You mad at me? You should be happy and applauding bro
What, you tried to rhyme and you kinda s_ck?
What, you mad cause you run around with strug and signed with wolf huh
You standing in the line and they already let us up inside the club
You can't afford a bag of mid and we be smoking on exotic buds
You got some old retro J's on, and my Prada, so god is gruff
Is that a motherf_cker's problem cuz?
Well I'll tell you what the problem is
You a lame ass p_ssy motherf_cker, you a follower
It's getting hard for me to walk when everybody hanging on my d_ck
Well Imma keep on pushing, thinking Imma fall off
Hater better keep on wishing
You bought a crib on the internet, that's it
Meanwhile I'm making history in a treesound session
One time for crew chain, buzz, and molly too
Slumerican dammit, and we came to win
I'm at the range with the ATL twin [?]
Let the player hate then begin


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