Profit - Rittz feat Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt

[Hook - Rittz:]
Yep, yep, yep, b_tch I'm all about my (profit)
Yep, yep, yep, don't even try to count my (profit)
Yep, yep, yep, so stay the f_ck up out my (profit)
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yeah

[Verse 1 - Yelawolf:]
I got my buddies on the corner, in the back of the club with a sack
And they rolling up a jointer, smoking that country stash
You ain't never seen a bull rider bumping UGK
Nah homie, you ain't never seen that
F_ck it, pete
Like a bucket seat
Hip hop make em all lean back
Make a ping pong ball jealous of the bounce
Chevrolet sitting tall like a cloud
Yeah, pick another trailer park girl up
Dirty blonde digger, ding dong, get out
Yeah, Imma let the lid out, f_ck puffing in this jar, lightning bug
Southern hospitality, but I hospitalize you cause I'm nice enough
To spot a punk like a homophobic
I'm on it, my opponents know it
Get your money up D-boy
I ain't a D-boy, but my folks they grow it
Done clipped the bud and done sold it
I been sipping Bud, you ain't noticed?
I'm in the bible belt like a church, in the lobby
Where they offering trade for that profit


[Verse 2 - Shawty Fatt:]
Let me get started
Targeting artists, ain't no dodging em, lodging them
Cause they fraudulous, yeah, my ho might been sporting sh_t
No tours and sh_t, no super Nintendo, but I got cartridges
Cartman sh_t, working my big old tool like I know carpentry
Pardon me it's the, n_gga you know me, the hottest commodity
Probably catch me posted at penny province in poverty
Cause they copping it, stopping me, nope
No [?] copping me, nope
P O T B E L L, why the hell they riding my tail?
I'll slow it down a minute (what?)
Cause I ain't been around a minute
These n_ggas feeling themselves cause I let em borrow the crown a minute
And I'll admit I get beside myself sometimes
Only cause I know I got dope rhymes
And my punch lines will f_ck wit yo mind
I'm bucking, bout my


[Verse 3 - Rittz:]
I am a real Slumerican
Told Yelawolf he can swear me in
I got a heavy double barrel in my box Chevy
When my album drop, everybody scared again
And I'm prepared to win at all costs
Y'all talk a lot of sh_t, tryna tear my skin
And rumor has it I'm crazy, I need to see a therapist
Well if the shoe fits, f_ck it Imma wear it then
Cause I'm a go getter, I would swear for ten
I'm bout to turn up like a sombrero rim
I'm kinda like a modern day Larry Flynn
It's Slum sh_t, baby f_ck Katy Perry fans
I rep Atlanta, I ain't never been to Paris, France
I switch lanes, crossing over like I'm Jeremy Lin
You can't admire me, don't let me catch you staring pimp
I'm like a great white shark in this aquarium
When I was young, I knew kids out caroling
Around the holidays, they were pistol carrying
In the spare, getting paper was imperative
Reaching in my pocket, only thing there was lint
Well I compare with then, don't want to spare a cent
We suited up in all black, in a pair of tens
I ran up in a local baller's house, I lay it down
Motherf_cker, show me where it is
I'm bout to take that profit


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