The Love Above - Rittz

[Verse 1]
Smoking weed and drinking good
Pimping with [?] and [?], White and Gwinnett my neck of the woods
The feeling so imperial, Slumerican cliental
Any other crew is unparalleled
We hail from another galaxy
You ain't even on the same cloud as me
I be looking down on em from a couple hundred thousand feet
Came back from the planet and I ride on 85
Waited all my life for this day, and it's arrived
Home team, screaming "North side till I die"
I reply "Can I get a high five?" they like
Sh_t, yeah

[Verse 2]
My red afro hanging out my back, skull cap
Diamonds on my watch, my timing is correct
Everybody looking at my shoes like "ooh"
You'd be lucky if you find a place to buy these on the web
Wait, hold on, let me quit, I ain't tripping on no swag sh_t
I'm just happy that I finally stacked a rack b_tch
Tryna add zeros to the balance on my bank slip
Now I ride a Cadillac and let the candy paint drip
Way too fine to drive a BT Cruiser
You wish that you could fit your feet in these Supra's
We don't smoke the same weed we use to
People hear my music and it screams the future
Like Doc Brown and Marty McFly
You hear that coming out, harden the ride
I park the car and I ride, up in the party cause I
Done seen this fine b_tch, standing right in front of my eyes
And I saw the

Future right in front of me, and the music got us falling in love
And everybody's on to me, looking down on em from above
And all my homies like yeah

[Verse 3]
Slick boy with me so it's freaky freeze
Going steady in the Chevy, I don't freeze this chain
My ride never been squeaky clean, the reek is green
The police pull me over, guarantee I'm gonna Phunk Dawg
Breathalyzer, but never mind her
Cock s_cking, cop tryna get behind us
Instead of driving, so I hit the gas pedal then I trunk a
Deuce in the sky, but I'm really saying f_ck you
Buster, left on Chesterridge road
Bout to do another show up in Smith's Olde Bar
My girl's speaking foxy, [?] jacking, she's speaker boxing
Hit so hard, I walked in and I grin cause my favorite tune is still spinning
Singing "I like the way you move"
I bought a crow, it's right, I look around and right then
I seen her from across the room, and I saw the


[Verse 4]
It's the after party and the show is over
See me at the bar chugging a [?]
I done had the bars, and now I had the bar
A couple shots on weed, let's propose a toast
Cheers, here's to being alive and still here
Started squeezing a lime, but shots of [?]
See me drinking I guarantee you it's not moscato
Got to serve my Vodka bottle
It's a nine [?], yelling I'm future
The feeling is mutual, Imma be back
Getting positive feedback, I need that
Might of seen me in the city rocking with rehab
Tomorrow we leave at the break of dawn
So tonight we gonna drink it till we wasted drunk
Some fine young girl walked to me like a groupie
[?] scarface was on, and I saw the


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