Let Love Be Your Energy - Robbie Williams

Out of a million seeds
Only the strongest one breathes
You made a miracle mother
I'll make a man out of me

* Daddy where's the sun gone from the sky?
What did we do wrong, why did it die?

And all the grown ups say 'sorry kids we got no reply

** If you're willing to change the world
Let love be your energy
(I've got more than I need/I can't contain how I feel)
When your love shines down on me

Every tear that you cry
Will be replaced when you die
Why don't you love your brother?
Are you out of your mind?

[Repeat *]

And if you've got no love for me then I'll say goodbye

[Repeat ** , **]

*** Well if you want it come and make a stance
So when it's in your hands, people show me love

[Repeat ***]

[Repeat ** , **]

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