Back in The Backseat - Ronan Keating

If I ask you enough to forgive
Would you forgive me.
And if I ask you to listen.
Tell me would you listen.
'Cause it's only now.
That I realise what I've lost
It's only now
That I wish that you were,

Back in the back seat of my car where
you used to lay down in my arms yeah
Back in the Back seat you used to tell me
You've never felt this kind of love

Life is only days and nights
Leading to a sunset
And I don't want to have these highs
But have twice as many regrets
If I don't tell you now
I'll end up losing you forever
If I don't tell you now
We may never be together


At all, in the backseat
At all, in the backseat
At all, in the backseat


Kept the stuff you left behind
All your memorabilia
As if by keeping it around
Somehow I'd still feel you
The makeup you used to wear
And a ribbon from your hair
So when you come back around
It's all there


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