Even if I'm gone - Ronan Keating

Every time I go away
you know I want to stay
I feel like I'm turning to
I try to overcome this pain
There's no easy way
I'm already missing you
As I look out over the northern lights
I can almost feel you here tonight (2x)

Even if I'm gone
and it feels like forever
I pray us soon be home
in your loving arms again
And even if I'm gone
there's a part of you still with me
close my eyes and I think how beautiful
and I know I'm not alone.

So I'm trying to be strong
I know I carry on
I still feel the emptiness
If only I can find a way
to be together every day and it say
back to the loneliness
see the full moon shine in the distant sky
I can almost feel you by my side (2x)

See the full moon shine in the distant sky
and I wonder if she can hear me crying
hear me cry......
soon be home........
in your loving arms.......

(close my eyes)

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