Joy Ride - Rooster

When I wake and the sky seems to break
and the bang in my head is my heart just trying to keep me alive
Then I rise and the room starts to shake,
And I'm walking on glass trying to remember
Trying to get straight when all I wanna do is cut back the tape
Replay last night with you
Feel what its like to flip out, be surrounded by sounds of the crowd,
Carry me away now

I don't know why, we're in this situation
And I don't, know how there's something missing

No point living when you don't know you're alive,
follow you, 'cos only you take me up this high
Don't need no complications when I only want to fly
Cos its beautiful just playing with you
Take me on a joyride

I like the way you abuse my mind
Abuse me all the time, paranoid you're gonna leave me behind
Resonate like a bass when you pulling my strings ever tighter
Think I'm overheating
Barely nineteen, but you know what I mean
When I fail to describe this place where I've been living
Trying to stay strong when you're dragging me on
with complete disregard for anything that's wrong, yeah



Look at my face, what have you done,
Do you see yourself in my reflection
Tumbling down, out of control
Nothing to lose, this is where it came from
Follow you 'cos only you could take me up this high


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