Angela - Roses are Red

i've got another question-that you have known for years-what was it that i said-and why did it make you so mad-i walked in the wong direction-to study all you lies-what did your boyfriend tell you-that made you start to cry-he said "let's try to make this last"-she said "let's not forget the past"- everything is happening so fast-we're losing time-round and round we go-you were alkways there to understand- i guess you'll never know- you were always there to understand- we tried so hard- and now what are these thoughts spinning round my head- its all cover up- everything falls apart- and though i know you're on my side- i still ask myself why- because everything falls apart- its not hard for me to try- with a heart this big i'll never die- you run your fingers through your hair- don't even notice that i'm there- with a heart this big i'll never die.

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