If I Was The One - Ruff Endz

I see the way he treats you
I feel the tears you cried
And it makes sad, and it makes mad
There's nothing I can do baby
Cause your lover is my best friend
And I guess that's where they story ends
So I've gotta try, to keep it inside
You will never be, never be mine but

* If I was the one who was loving you, baby
The only tears you'd cry would be tears of joy
And if I was by your side
You'll never know one lonely night
And if it was my arms you were running to
I'd give you love in these arms of mine
If I was the one in your life

If I could have just one wish
I'd wish that you were mine
I would hold you near
Kiss away those tears
I'd be so good to you baby
You're the one I want next to me
But I guess that's just not meant to be
He's there in your life
And he's sharing your nights
It'll never be, never be right

[Repeat *]

Yeah, baby
I wanna reach out and view beside me
Right here beside me, babe
Take you in my arms right there
Scream 'I love you' right out loud
Some day I pray, that I'll find the strength
To turn to you and say

[Repeat * , *]

If I was the one, if I was the one
In your life

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