36" Chain - Run the Jewels

[Killer Mike:]
B_tch we be that sh_t that's right
Number two boo boo straight caca (yeah)
I smoke ganja with a dreadlocked rasta
Move like Frank you will die like a hassa
Move like Jesus die like a martyr
Hell of a choice when you riding a Lamotta
Trynna get some hoes in the hot car
How far is we away, man? Not far
The greatness they claim, not all
Are not, we are those juggernauts
Me El, we hail
Like a young Che Guevara and Fidel
Castro, cash flow, car full of females
Bad hoes, we in the DR
Any f_ck rapper boy gettin' out of line I pray the preacher beat him to the goddamn ER

I spit them country rap tunes like Hee-Haw
C_caine flow fishscale no re-rock
Take a snort for yourself shawty, see? "he raw...
(sniff) See he raw!"
That's you shawty go on snort your nose off
Then put the news in the street Tom Brokaw
Cause of you shawty met a bad stone b_tch out of Brooklyn and that Brooklyn b_tch straight got broke off
Yeah she called her homegirl from the BX, freaky lil 'Rican brought X and we sexed
Couple months later brought 'em down to Atlanta and let 'em style on the 'bamas that's right yeah we flex
Heard she got a baby daddy and a n_gga acting aggy runnin' round talkin' 'bout yeah he plexed
N_gga better pray for a ho like he Tebow though cause right now he stay losin' like The Jets

And I walk around like I got a 36" chain
And I walk around like I got a 36" chain

B_tch we be that sh_t that's right
Light a flare put your thumbs in the air high five
I came for the stash box gimme that
I been waitin' for this all my life
3 AM and I'm still not right
Still awake still away from fading
Why the ride so hazy
Dribble this spit till the street gets wavy
The bliss and pure sh_t magician
Get to skipping
Not too tall dark and handsome man
But I talk dark for ransoms man
Spend grands of those zombies
Folded origami
Yes I bag the clams
Anyone object to the styles, get a smile and a backwards hand

Peep that felonious face in the place of an angel
Bringing that buckshot back to the table
Been a veteran, earthbound hellion
Try to say grace get a face full of staples
Woke up and the city air smelled like maple
If you come straight from New York you relate
If you come straight from another place stay too
Me and Mike got the whole map held safe

[Killer Mike:]
Be it NYC or the ATL
From the ceilings of heaven to the gates of hell
We murder death killed every stage we step
Homicide times two better warn yourself, El

Anybody looking for some trouble better self med
We could double dutch in a minefield, hell gets
Just the right temperature, break beat minister
Riverdance cleats on your face for the finisher

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