Everybody Stay Calm - Run the Jewels

Take it easy

Excusez-moi b_tches
I'm lit from the last of the gas, Mike twisted
No sleep for the vicious, key up a cop car just to see mischief
I'm a nut punch wizard
Speed bag ya' ball bag leave none in it
We, we got one ambition
Re-up and puff til the month go missing

[Killer Mike:]
Big, big, big black fellow with a four-fifth in the back, backpack fella
I, I rumble don't stumble young fellow
Got a stinger in the '69 bumblebee yellow
I mean, I mean stunner, big titty bank teller had my wife here with her so a hater can't tell her
Presidential suite, got a f_ck boy jealous
I'm the Nelson Mandela of Atlanta dope sellers

[El-P (Killer Mike):]
I, I'm a goddamn savage
Eat with no hands I don't even use napkins
Mark says number one bastard, show up in jorts with a hatchet laughing
(Hey El, the AR's an option for any asshole wanna talk and pop sh_t
Quit playing p_ssy or the pistol will pop off
And get your whole face pushed back or knocked off)

Take it easy partner
Ain't no chilling in the land of the villains
Ain't no chilling, ain't no chilling

They f_cked up and paid us, made us dangerous
Too old to change, I'm a stay with paper
Poor folk love us the rich hate our faces
We talk too loud, won't remain in our places
Smoke by the acre, a brain escapist
Smoke anymore and my brain is vapor
I don't do meek anymore, guy, save it
The laughing is done now, time to cry later

[Killer Mike:]
Tell them haters and b_tches we bang big sh_t, but yeah you should mind your business
You can't pause or shun this, physical fitness, b_tch we run this
Paraplegics, you don't run sh_t, f_ck you even, get the gumption
Think you stylin', think you stuntin'
I'll smack the f_ck out ya' ass for frontin'
That seems a little aggressive

Oompa-loompas, I'll shoot a tune atcha medullas
I'm cool as a rule but I'll scalp a ruler
I'm new to this town, I'm a stranger passing
I see your bum crews, I don't get the hoopla
(The world got rules they say) That's a rumour
Benign, nah I'm lying it's a tumour
They ain't even tryna' buy that we cryin' goobye
We got dying to do, dude, the design's ruthless

[Killer Mike:]
One-two, one-two
I done read books by Sun-Tzu
Learned from beautiful women who rolled my joints too
The opposite of humble and my swag on kung-fu
No admission for the cool, I just kick it and come through
Hurry up we got liquor to run through
Bales to inhale, lies to not tell
She told me let her go and then I can exhale
I left her with a pound of dro and a Nextel

Take it easy, partner
Ain't no chilling in the land of the villains
Ain't no chilling, ain't no chilling

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