Twin Hype Back - Run the Jewels feat Prince Paul

[Prince Paul as Chest Rockwell:]
Now come over here and let me give you a tongue kiss on your hot pocket...

Me and Mike'll go Twin Hype and do a dance on your windpipes
Put your f_cking jazz hands back in your pants and get them sh_ts sliced
Caught the ghost when I was yay high so today I stay way high
Do not worry about my habits, without sin I'd probably hate life

[Killer Mike:]
This is dope as that hard white you stuff in a crack pipe
A hit of this, a kid with Tourette's will chill out and act right
I'm fat but I dress nice and b_tches finesse Mike
They s_ck the d_ck and squeeze on my belly like bagpipes

I slap and I s_ck clits, I f_ck in my church shoes
Humblest guy in the room and I am in the room too (get it?)
I'll bend you over on the roof while whistling Audio Two
They say that once a girl go Brooklyn no more soft d_ck'll do

[Killer Mike:]
I'm so Rakim and Eric B b_tches check out my melody
I might Slick Rick on a fella (foul), catch me a felony
Hey, I might Shyne Po a ho, POW! Catch me a case
Producto must have rolled this L because this blunt feel laced

[Chest Rockwell:]
I must say you do look stunning
I mean, you're the kind of girl I can really see myself artificially inseminating
Oh I'm sorry, I'm being a little aggressive, right?
Can we start from the beginning? My name is Chest Rockwell, right?
And I love to make love to your booty...hole
Bad boy

This is born alone die alone, so my dialogue's dastardly
Life's a tragedy generator operating at max capacity
This is porno for piraters, to the crooks it is relaxing
I am foreign to that soft talk, you can tell it from my accent

[Killer Mike:]
This is arrogant fat black, it is what it is
This that stingy with d_ck, b_tch, not a f_ck do I give
I'm no respecter of person, I'm no respecter of rules
I catch the prince of England slipping, he goin' run me the jewels
I could wake up brain dead tomorrow and my soliloquy still will be
The illest there'll ever be cause I be what you'll never be
My pugnacious rhyme patterns prove pitbull in my pedigree
And dogs fight to the death, you say you better, you better be

Not one sh_t given, El-P's chillin'
Raised in a shack in the back of the village
Trained by the wolves in the woods
To avenge on the men who elected themselves my killers
Mike's a villain, Nick Hooks chillin'
We don't have a need to know your feelings
We don't believe in the same sh_t anyway, Run the Jewels is not for your children

[Chest Rockwell:]
How you feeling now sweetheart? A little more relaxed?
Maybe it's that half a molly I put in your Mountain Dew
Yeah, works like a charm. Just chill out for a second, relax, relax, I got it under control
I got you a glass of Beefeater, I got a brand new deck of Uno cards...
Oh yeah baby, the night's just getting started
Ok, how about I come over tonight and pick you up in my brand new Segway.
We can go over to Long John Silver's, get a fish platter
You can take me home and massage me with b_tter all on my neck
I love you

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