I Need More - RuPaul

writers: RuPaul/ SamI McKinney/ Marlaina Kemp/ Derek Brin

Tonite I feel like dancin - I'ma hang out with my girls
So spare me your complaining - cause you're livin up in my world
Where you get off tellin me - how I'm supposed to live
I ain't your possession - tell me what yo' problem is ?

Don't think baby I'll be a fool for you
Don't think you can keep doing what you do to me
Boy I ain't happy with the love you give

I need more, more!
Baby I ain't too hard to please, why can't you give me what I need?
I need more, we've been through this before
I'm tired of you sayin the same ol' thangs, shut it up and give me more

Don't ask me where I'm going - and I won't tell you where I've been
Cause what you've been givin' - that don't even pay my rent
Remember when I told you lovin me could be intense
I need stimulation or you're gonna get dismissed

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