Just a Kiss - Sage the Gemini

I'm sorry for what I did, Please baby come home
And I'm gonna make it up to ya by the end of this song
And I been alone, since you been gone, baby
Just a kiss [x3]
Just a kiss [x3]
All it takes is one, all it takes is one

[Verse 1:]
Mentally been pushing away
My past got me feeling some way
I've been tryna get better
But I always up or out of the states
Came home calling you babe
Number changed, I'm kinda late
Fears of you with another man
But I hope you're listening I gotta say
Excuse me from my absence
Days bad but I ain't been asking
Been working like a movie
So I hope you ain't been casting
You ain't even sleeping
You call, I'm in a meeting
Can't talk I'm meeting greeting
You don't need this treatment


[Verse 2:]
Feel me, when I say this
Your attention, I ain't paid it
All it takes is achings
And I hope it makes the A list
I've been acting all boring
And I ain't worried about scoring
But you do got the million dollar body
Now that is Forbes list
You've been down since day one
You still down when the day's done
Girl you kill it like Jason
Your [?] like [?]
Girl you got your game face on but take that sh_t off
Hard work dealing with this bullsh_t
Now it's time for your day off


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