Mack Down - Sage the Gemini feat Mistah F.A.B

[Hook: Sage The Gemini]
Baby can't leave me alone
She been tryna' get me home
Now she wants the number to my phone
Guess I really turned her on
I say damn, put that mack down
Young dude, I put that mack down
What it do, I put that mack down
B_tch, I turn you when I put that mack down

[Verse 1: Sage The Gemini]
Uh, ride me like a tea top
She give me top and bottom, now she screenshot
Your style gold like Chris drinking Ciroc
She like that dope D, I call it three rocks
Ok she down to taste it, get down, face it
Keep it on the low like what happens in Vegas
What happens in Vegas, yeah what happens in Vegas
She ain't never hit the strip but she quick to strip naked
I got a girl from the city, she be on a roll
Uh, good brains, give me honor roll
Whoa, and don't be taking too long
Wasting time and sh_t, you better take me home
Uh, and she say I'm a real n_gga
Tell her boyfriend she don't wanna deal with him
Young n_gga, her mob, that's the cell in him
707, that's the field in him, ya


[Verse 2: Mistah F.A.B.]
I put that mack down, why you calling for a peace treaty
Say she from Atlanta and she used to work on Peach Street
Ass like her auntie, aye lil' niecey'
Playing hard to get but I got that p_ssy so easy
Real talk, she got camel toe
No red light, man never that, shawty' go
Her p_ssy fat, baby [?]
Let my d_ck sleep in the p_ssy like a bedbug
Shawty' so thick, yeah I might tip her
You might tip her? Oh I love them strippers
Yup, yup, boy I love them strippers
Tryna' be my face boo, but I met her on Twitter
Uh, so I hit her with a D.M
Come to find out she my old n_gga B.M
Uh, she used to f_ck with my n_gga though
Well like Kilo, I'm a get that ho

[Hook x2]

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