Nothing to Me - Sage the Gemini

[Hook: IamSu!]
N_gga where you from, rep that sh_t (what)
Heart, Break, that's that clique (what)
I be riding sliding slipping and dipping
I'm about money clothes cars and women
And that's that
Chuck a deuce when you see me in the street n_gga
Holla at me when you see me in the street n_gga

[Verse 1: Sage the Gemini]
Ride around my city like the only one
N_ggas hating on me I don't understand
I'm from Fairfield rep it like the only one
Wouldn't waste a bullet on n_ggas cause this my only gun
Pull up 50 cars [?] in the radio
Punch a n_gga for speaking retarded now he his radio
Trigger boy that's a flash like a camera gave you a cameo
Your b_tch screaming she like the way, I should be sammy uh
S-A-G-E mister two hit wonder
I hit your b_tch two times leave that b_tch to wonder
A few party songs got a young [?] thunder
I got hella cheese waking b_tches out they slumber
And I can really rap man I swear I could
I ain't gotta explain sh_t I just thought I should
And all my n_ggas carry gym and honor wood
Never been scared but I like the fact you thought I should


[Verse 2: IamSu!]
Ten, K for a verse
If there is money in my rear view I put it in reverse, uh
Life, ain't that a b_tch
I'ma marry that girl bring her back to the Rich
Said it's Heart Break Gang just me and my homies
Pressing you squares no Sony
PlayStation haters need a vacations fast
Check so big that they can't pay in cash
You talk business I talk math
Cause n_gga all I do is multiply and add
Joint so big it look like half
My arm all I smoke is gas
91 dressing like it's '91
Ain't a rapper better then me but I'ma find me one and sign him
Only wear designer
N_gga I be balling out the gym I be LeBron'ing


[Verse 3: Sage the Gemini & IamSu!]
Most of these n_ggas be hating on a G
And they mad as f_ck they ain't on like me
Yeah it's HBK ho stack that cheese
I be photo shooting fresh step back say cheese
More money blew so I don't stack green
Don't f_ck with police but we both say freeze
You would think your girlfriend on a rock band spree
How she L-I-C-K-I-N-G, oh
Put me on a beat and [?]
All a hater see no snow Auto-Tune
Married to the game we are bride and groom
Took your girl made a movie I was coming soon
Thank the lord for the nice things
Me and my wrist went to the hood they think I'm ice cream
Money sky scrape [?]
Too many Jordans think I should join the flight team


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