Owner Of My Heart - Sasha

If you think I've let you down
Tried to fool you, there's no need to
If you think I've played around
Why do you worry, you should know me

* I've been true, right from the start
You're the owner of my heart

If you look straight in my eyes
You will know I'm not pretending
I don't hide, there's no disguise
Why you doubt me, that's a strange thing

[Repeat *]

I can't just stand by watching you walk away
Knowing you still belong with me, close by my side
You think I don't care, but forever I swear
Ooh, my love has grown stronger and that I can't hide

[Repeat *]

[Repeat *]

No one can tell me 'cause I know for sure
When I'm not with you, baby, I'm wasting my time
I'll do anything that you want me to do
Ooh, just call out my name, can't she give me a sign
Give me a sign, woah

If you just give me some time
To convince you we can pull through
Let me see what's on your mind
I won't change you, I don't have to

[Repeat * , * , *]

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