Don't Know Why - Saves The Day

There must be something wrong with me
I get so tired I can't sleepy
the voices in my head are haunting my dreams
no matter how I try
to kill the thoughts inside
I cannot hide

The mirror staring back at me
The cracking lines along my face
The times I tried to get things straight but could not
I know how hard I try
to keep myself alive
but I don't know why

Funny how when the darkest of nights falls down
I worry that I will never see the sun shining again
but the world goes round what was up is again back down
wonder if i can stick around to feel the light of the day

sometimes I feel like l am dying down here
I feel a raging storm inside of my skin
the doal tone is therer but no one's calling
I feel the weight of time
wonder when I will die
but I don't know, I don't know why

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