Magnifique - Scissor Sisters

Are you ready?
The question is can you take it?
And what you do when you have it...
She say Magnifique!

Magnifique, fantastique
Wow this guy, he's got style, he's so sweet
Magnifique, in elastique
Secon jolo', all of them makes me weak
Magnifique, for plastique
How he glides, how he snides, how he speaks
Magnifique, fantastique
If so nice, say it twice, yes so nice
Come on y'all....

Magnifique, Magnifique
Every shake, every twist, with his hips
Magnifique, Aerialtique
I'm so glad what we have in the sheets
Can it be, not to see
Say goodbye to the blind men magnifique
Magnifique, ooh le vous
Me and you, have good night, that's alright
(Repeat First Block)

Going out tonight to the panorama party
In the skintight kneehighs
All the guys go crazy for my juice
Cut loose, stepping on the coco puffs with the shoes
Don't ya know a dirty never let her loose
On the dancefloor, search and spectate
Your strange to me when your eyes get Kool-Aid
Oh...that feels cool....and so hooot...
Cest' Magnifique!!!!!

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