Stephen - Senses Fail

November 10th, a cold dark night. You could feel that something wasn't right. That night many hearts did cry. When we learned we had to say goodbye. All embraced under one common song. The body is dead, but life lives on. Goodbye Steven. Goodbye you friend. Your body is dead, but your soul doesn't end. You were so young. The cars lined the streets, as it was coming to an end. The sun shined so brightly, the day we burried our friend. Losing in the fall. Lost innocence came down. An 18 year old boy was burried in the ground. A family's broken hearts, his friend's streaming tears. The peace found in death, the living's growing fear. Of infinite darkness, or is it spiritual light coming to terms with death? On the darkest, darkest, night. A brother lost a brother, a friend lost a friend, a mother lost a son, but steven's soul will never end.

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