Dance with Me - Shane Harper

Well I don't know what to do here
I can't get my eyes off of you dear
Everything you do is amazing and
I'm just saying you're so beautiful in every way
Girl, could you please just stay?

I'm just sayin' what is real
And I'm just saying how I feel
When I'm with you I'm on top of the world
Could you, could you be my girl?
I get the chills on the warmth of this day
When I'm with you you take my breath away
Walk with me, talk with me, and stay with me
And when they drop the beat
Dance with me

I get nervous when I'm talking to you
But on the dance floor you know I can come through
I know how to lay it down
Listen to the sound, baby let your body hit the ground

Woah oh, dance with me

Well I've danced before with other girls
But none like this
I've moved to the rhythm a thousand times
But not like this
This is the difference, you're the one I'm missin'
Just give me a try
I'll show you why, yeah

[Chorus x2]

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