Peace in The World - Shanice Wilson

Intro (spoken)
From the north to the south
From the east to the west
We're praying
All over this beautiful planet
For peace in the world

Check this out

Lookin' in my heart
I got to find a way
I wanna do my part
I wanna make that change

There's fighting in the streets
What's it all about
Can we stop the hate
Can we work it out

(say cuz') you and I can make the difference
The love that we're feelin'
I truly believe in
(say cuz') you and I can make a change
Love will show us how
Love will be our guide

Peace in the world is what we care for
Hand and hand we'll make a change
Peace in the world is what we care for
Heart to heart we'll find a way
Yeah, we're gonna make that change, listen

Kids are starving now
All across the world
Let's lend a helping hand
Save all the boys and girls

People are selling drugs
Gangs are everywhere
Let's come together now
Show them that we care



Peace in the world
So kids'll know
Not to ever make war
Love'll show
That it can over power hate
As evil disintegrates
'Cause we got to have faith

If you do right
There'll be no wrong
That's why
Shanice is singin' the song
About love and joy
Every man, woman, boy and girl
To have peace in the world


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