Burn - Shannon Noll

You struck a match inside,
This frozen heart of mine,
And set my soul on fire,

Stranded, dazed and confused,
Stubling drunk on you,
Consumed by my own desire,
But tell me how, Tell me how you

Burn right through me,
You undo me, Yeah,
But what a way to go,
Oh you twist and turn me,
Ignite and stir me, Yeah,
You know I gotta learn how you burn,
How you Burn,

Lost in a stadium full of frowns,
Till your smile turns it all around,
Now the mention of your name,
Fans the flame, the flame that burns


I wanna just deserve you,
Even just to come close,
But everytime we kiss,
That thought goes up in smoke,
Cos you burn


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