Slow Me Down - Shelby Lynne

Put me on a boat on the mighty Mississippi
Let old man river slow me down
Been too long gone from my sweet dixie
Chasin' a dream from town to town

So I called my baby in Mobile, Alabama
Said meet me in Memphis on the Jackson Queen
Tell you right now we ain't in no big hurry
To make our way down to New Orleans

Slow me down
Somethin' 'bout the rhythm and the rollin' of the river
Slow me down
Rocks me like a baby in a rockin' chair
Slow me down
Sometin' 'bout the smell of a sweet magnolia
Slow me down
Makes me forget all my troubles and cares
Just a few more miles and I'll be there

Well I need a little time for some relaxation
A little bit of lovin' from my sugar pie
Only Heaven knows how my heart's been achin'
For a big yellow moon in a southern sky

(Repeat chorus and 3rd verse)

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