You Are The One - Shiny Toy Guns

Black rose & a radio fire
Its so contagious
Such something changing my mind
Im gonna take whats evil

Your cover melting inside
With wide eyes you tremble
Kissing over & over again
Your god knows his faithful
I try - to digest my pride
But passions grip i fear
When i climb - into shallow vats of wine
I think i almost hear - but its not clear

You are the one
You'll never be alone again
You're more then in my head - your more

Spin faster shouting out loud
You cant steal whats paid for
Such something hurting again
Murder son shes painful

You so believe your own lies
On my skin your fingers
Runaway until the last time
Were gonna lose forever

When you try - don't try to say you wont
Try to crawl into my head
When you cry - cause it's all built up inside
Your tears already said - already said

You'll never be alone again

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