Fallen Through Hyprocrite - Skye Sweetnam

I do what he says but I
end up falling off the edge
I don't know what to do, it seems
To end up being true
Seeps in underneath the door
Sinks in and stains the floor
All alone, want to feel, takes so long
For these wounds to heal
Tell me it's not really real

Fallen through
Why did I fall for you
Fallen for
All the lies, alibis, that you said
Left me holding on by the last thread

Stop, stare, and watch me burn
Someday it'll be your turn
Can't believe I can see all the things
that you don't want me to see
You threw my heart away
That's the price that I paid
Although it's never fair, promised me
You'd always be there
But you never really cared

chorus 3x

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