1 Nite - Slum Village feat Vice

[Hook - Kam Corvet:]
One night, kissing, hugging, licking
Touching, rubbing, erase other
We discover, all this loving
Can I trust it
Cause you got me feeling like
Aaaaa ah ah ah [x3]

[Illa J:]
Sorry ms Jackson whooo
It was so good makin love to you
You knew exactly what to do
You didn't let me go home blue
The Sexual satis faction
That yooou...
Gave to me
Stim. You
Lated me
Oh baby oooh
You ass is so incredible
And yes I love to smack it
I love how long it's lastin
Strong with passion
We Love assassins
Non stop action
This opportunity
That we're pursue ing
To make this unity
Is not passin
Me by
T I m e is flying by
You taste so sweet
My sweetie pie
For only one night


From the first look the first words
First convo all words action words
No games played amazed by ya physical
5'4 5'7 with ya heals on
Feels so real even though this is the first time, first night
This vibe, so deep, can't deny
Kisses in yo wet spot sweet like honey dew
You in trouble now but you nothing but trouble too
Temperature raising I'm craving is this real
On some earth wind and fire got me hard as steal
So legit that right fit yea this is that sh_t
What fantasies are made of real not counterfeit
All night marathon turned into a life lesson
1 nite you became my wife such a blessing
5 years 9 months 17 days
My ride or die chick long as the sun blaze
All from


[Young RJ:]
I'm lookin at the prototype of perfect/ she feelin me
Coupla drinks lil conversation ohh she feelin me
She said let's dip 2 yo spot and awww shhh feelin me
No talk no 4play... now she really feelin me
Knee deep in that pretty pink... panther
She throwin it back and rollin like a belly dancer
Good lawd! all questions answered
She told me that she was a Go-Getta I'm like go 4 it
I'm thinkin 2 myself is this a dream or is it true
Am I the 1st or have many done this 2 u
Is it love or lust/and can I really trust
Will all these feelings fade/ as soon as we bust
But right now I feel the passion with every thrust
Were puttin on a show like it's cameras
Worry about 2 ma 2ma
Share my nuts and let her have a ball

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