Bout That - Slum Village feat Focus

Picture my life as premier cinematic
For the whole world to view critic ever actor
Play the role from drama to action
Of course I got the part my mom did the casting
A story of a boy who made it rapping
But it wasn't sweet it had it's disadvantages
Pop left, mom drank from the canisters
I tackle this, jotting rhymes a sentences
Mad stubborn plus the kid mad discipline
Like mind individual is who he kicks it with
We start A group we start a click now we been the sh_t
Mom passed wish she could of saw me benefit
We got hit b.e.t damn 106
Just bought my first whip
I'm feeling good feeling big, the cars and the benefits
I wish my mama could of lived

[Young RJ:]
I know I got an angel lookin out 4 me
I'm Gods son protected from blasphemy
Decapitate these pharisees mad cause they can't
Make bangas like these
Yea but this ain't about that/ my range blowin
Up naw this ain't about that
Long nights passin out this ain't about that
After party don't smoke but high off a contact in
Music biz doin biz with the kidz of diablo
Yellow brick road they tryna put potholes
But I still paint pictures like pablo and
Stay relavent outshine ya'll fossils
Can't stop me dog I'm still standing tall
Even tho the doctors thought I had cancer naw
How I kept my mind clean and kept repeatin isaiah 54: 17
But this ain't about that...

I got things you ain't seen before
I been places you can't even go
Me and my team we earning crazy doe
You see that money out there on the floor
See you ain't knowing who I really am
You can't buy it but I know I can
Is that all you wanna hear from your favorite rap star?
We are told we ain't nothing without our pr
So we just ruff it to we see our
Life slipping away up in the er, dr
Not the homie that found me and put me on
I am talking that grind since you ain't seen since russ and lyor
While in the front of my mind I know the end is near
Revelations has painted the canvas out pretty clear
Motivated by money but undated by fear
I got little to show from the struggle that got me hear, listen
I ain't talking for nothing, trying to save y'all the trouble
And this is not a discussion so I don't need your reb_ttal
And now that I'm always sober it's easier to settle and get right
Y'all bugging I'm gladly bussing y'all bubble
I ain't apart of y'all team, I refuse to get in y'all huddle
My quarter back is jehovah, I'm running beyond double by faith
Beyond civil the race non hospitable wait
It's not frivolous jibber jabber it critical

All we talk is real
All we live is real
All we see is real
N_ggas ain't feeling us then they ain't feeling the real

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