Fantastic - Slum Village

Does y'all n_ggaz just gotta test the S
It's the fantastic, Amara, incarnated
The old star made it, back to earth bruh
What can I do for you? Troop you makin up
And oh your lady wanna, do me slow
She told me yo' cash flow was an ultimatum
Livin productively in the U.S., she's Filipino
And brushin you off like a classy hoe in a casino
Now the rest of the night you're feelin like Mr. Draino
Your stomach ain't right, you're drinkin Milk of Magnesia
Now bruh, life ain't gotta be like that
All you gotta do is grip yo' meat, laugh at her
Massage her, take a, bath with her
Devour her, the owner you should master
Fast or slow, aiyyo
This sh_t sh_t is for the willin, dealin in cash flow
Transfigurated villain, feelin, down low, yo
Write up a scroll on your hoe when she don't act right
This for my n_ggaz who paid the damn dues
This sh_t is for my n_ggaz who died to grip a mic
This sh_t is for the b_tches who fuss and wanna fight, fight
Write up a scroll on that b_tch when she don't act right
It's fan-tas-tic~! Yeah
You wanna test the S n_gga, huh
It's fan-tas-tic~! And I'm feelin, alright
N_gga steppin in the club like, dy-na-mite
It's fan-tas-tic~! N_gga...

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