How We Bullshit - Slum Village

This one goin' out to, all these b_tch n_ggas
Talk sh_t 'bout me, 'bout my clique
Talk about how much we bullsh_ttin', knahmsayin
You gotta get yo' sh_t together, sh_t

You ain't got yo'self together and I'm bullsh_ttin'
I got cash, you broke, still I'm bullsh_ttin'
Listen, I could give a f_ck about what
You do, and you do this, what
Is it, my man, you know that I don't play

"I don't [4x], I don't play
And if you take offense f_ck it! Got to be that way, J.D."

TIME [3x]

It escapes me; aw sh_t was so funny man
Was you what, what burn
That song uhh, the first song they ever came out with (hmm)
Umm, "Bullsh_t"
[Singing:] Can't cook up a good man
Pull up about, yeah, pull up
Nuh-uh, pull up a seed or some sh_t

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